Thinking of Starting a Business

I have said recently (yesterday?) that I am good with a full-time job, and that I would trade that for running a consulting business. Well, that doesn't mean that I can't still plan on starting a business at some point.

It's not like I put a lot of effort into it, but I do like to think about ideas that could turn into businesses. Every morning I try to get five ideas down on paper before the sun comes up. The exercise is not to find the next big thing, mind you. This is simply a way to draw out ideas that may provide the spark that I'm looking for professionally.

What do I think about when it comes to starting a business? Well, first I just think of the idea. Then I ask myself why I would start this type of business. Why would people come to me over anyone else? If I don't feel confident, or if I am not drawn to the skills I would have to learn, I discard it. Put it in the archive, more like, since maybe one day it will be more appealing.

I also ask myself what kind of resources I would need – if the idea graduates beyond a mere thought, anyway. If it is not too resource intensive (think people, time, or money), or if the idea would be a candidate for a business plan, I do some initial planning. Just back of the napkin stuff, really. It's fun for me, and one day there will be something that just screams “YES!”, and practically forces me to pull the trigger. I'm really excited for that day.

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