The Art of Listening

When all you do is talk, you miss out on a lot.

Listening provides you with so much information! In my opinion, really listening means that you are content to be silent, and do not need to add to the conversation. When someone is telling a story or making a statement, I believe that the only time one should speak is if they have questions about the topic. I am also guilty of not following my own advice, though.

Today I spent time on calls either speaking when asked a question, or listening. When the conversation was worthwhile, anyway. Other times I zoned out, because conversations that are lightning round “who's right” competitions disinterest me. It's actually when I started writing this post. Subtracted the unnecessary, and worked on a creative outlet.

In a world where so many want to showcase what they know, speaking but not listening, I believe it is a great advantage to be able to maintain silence and just listen. I'm going to begin focusing on listening over talking. It's why I don't post on social media, and why I don't like reading comments (although I have fallen down a few rabbit holes of shame). Now to put that thought into practice.