Rainy Friday

I love getting up early. Rainy days do make it harder, but a dark, rainy morning is comforting in its own way. For starters, I'm sitting pretty in my reading (and writing) chair, warm and dry, while the sky has opened up outside. I also find rainy days great for writing. I'm not sure why, but maybe I'll think about that today.

I think I'm going to experiment with switching up my schedule a bit. Either that or embracing the daily chaos and getting my writing done whenever I can. I'm studying for an interview right now, so my nights are packed with watching videos and taking notes. Soon wifey will be working a new shift, so our time together will look different. Then we've got a baby on the way, so my schedule will be flipped again. It's all good things, but I need to ensure that I'm not so wrapped up in a scheduled routine that these changes mess with my head.

Anyway, time to get my day going, starting out with finishing off a book.