On Fear...

These days, almost every day, I experience fear. Not always in the same capacity, but it's there. Most days I make things up to be afraid of; other days I am given a reason to be afraid. It is generally not the external forces that make me fearful, but the internal.

I fear for my parents, siblings, wife, pets, etc. Sometimes I fear for my health. Sometimes I look at the way the world is going, and I fear for what could happen next. Some days it's debilitating, most days it's not. Either way, every day I still get up and try to get the job done. The days in which I cannot get the job done are the worst. Luckily they are quite rare.

What I really need to do is realize that there is a lot that I cannot control. I need to work more on what I can control – my own health, actions, etc. – but I still stress about my pregnant wife, newly retired parents, and sister and brother in-law who are impacted by Covid, and countless others who are going through their own trials and tribulations.

I guess all I can do is stick to my guns, improve my own situation, and keep helping others as I can.