Not Really Sure What to Write

I guess some days we all get writers block. I'm just currently not feeling any one dominant emotion, nor am I deep in an idea. I have just finished up work for the evening, and I'm tired more than anything. One week away from closing out one of my engagements, and I'm super happy about that. I love doing the work, but I'll be relieved to have some free time.

What am I going to do with that time?

Well first of all I will spend as much as I can with wifey while it's still just the two of us. Freeing up two evenings per week means that we will be able to go for walks, and... I guess that's about it since we're under a stay at home order. We can also go for drives, look for new properties and houses, etc. Tonnes to do.

We also have some projects that have started, but are not yet completed. I can put some time into getting those off the ol' to-do list, and freeing up some mindshare. Gotta get that stuff done before the baby boy comes!

I will be able to sleep more! Working until 21:30 means that I'm not wound down until at least 23:00. Getting a few more hours of sleep per week will be great. Constantly averaging less than 7 hours per night gets tiresome (see what I did there?) I will hopefully bump up to 7.5 hours per night, but that will take some doing.

Much of my free time spent thinking about what's next with this engagement will now be put toward thinking about other things. Business ideas if necessary, but also just life in general. Reading, writing, thinking, and just relaxing.

I guess I should also add exercise in here, heh. I will need to spend some time getting my body in better shape.

How much time is freed up? Well, guaranteed 5 hours per week, but when I look at the extra work I do for said engagement, it's more like 15 hours. That's pretty epic. I can't wait to budget that time and see how it goes!

I guess I just had to get started and the writer's block just went away!

#thoughts #plans