Gap Day... (and Day 1 of Daddy Workout!)

Totally gapped yesterday's post, but that's okay! I've been up to my ears in research and studying for a certification, and was hanging out with wifey until my eyes drooped. It happens. The same would happen tonight if I did not take some time to do it now, so here I am!

I scheduled some time this morning to exercise, and did that. It felt great. Daddy Workout Day 1! I got a message from another dad who has a 1.5 year old boy, and he asked if I had started working out yet. He stated that once his little guy got too big for Mommy to pick up and carry regularly, Daddy became his best buddy! So I started today with some jump rope (100), five burpees (yeah I'm a wuss), and 12 reps of bicep curl to shoulder press. I didn't have much time, so I just hammered that out, had a shower, and went to work. The plan is to get to 230 lbs with 43% muscle mass.

Sadly, this also means easing up on the beer.

But scheduling the time to exercise was good. I didn't read outside because it was snowy, and I haven't finished my chapter, but the subject matter has changed. Also, certification in two days and I need to study hard. This is why I need a flexible schedule: some days are prioritized differently than others. So I will likely read my chapter tonight, or else I'll substitute reading a chapter with watching a video module or completing a lab.

Anyways, I'm finding time to write when I can, just to get these thoughts out of my mind. Today it was in the early afternoon, tomorrow who knows? For now, I've got to prep for my next meeting.

256.3 lbs, 10 min exercise and stretching (so far)