I just finished sorting out my taxes. Gonna owe a good chunk of change. I know that owing taxes means you're doing something right (i.e. making a lot of money), but I'm still a bit chafed about owing so much. I'm also chafed because it obviously lead to an argument with the missus. Although that could've likely been avoided if I reacted better.

When you understand a subject pretty well, but get frustrated when someone asks you (you meaning me) about said subject, it likely means that you (I) actually don't know enough about it. I see it sometimes in my work; asking a clarifying question gets some sort of backlash because someone doesn't actually understand what they're talking about. Apparently I do that, as well.

My new strategy:

  1. Get better at building a tax plan.
  2. Take a beat and think about questions before answering.
  3. Don't be afraid to admit I don't know, and then get knowledgeable.
  4. Stress less about these questions from the person you love most.
  5. Get back to lovin'.

Ok, so that's that. Now I'm off to study for an interview (and probably do some light reading on tax planning before bed).

#thoughts #lessons