Every morning I read a chapter of Essentialism with my second coffee, before starting work. The chapter today was called Editing. It really made me think. It's not just about editing elements out of my life at a macro level; it's also about making micro-edits in my work and leisure.

For instance – looking at my CV and LinkedIn profile, they are a mess. I need to get sorted on what I am currently doing, have done, and want to be doing. Making some small edits will get me sorted, and that is on the docket for this week.

Also, editing my calendar is a must. What I want to do, and when, should be carefully mapped out. With free time to allocate to other causes I may deem worthy.

This translates to any area of my life, I'm sure. Finances is one: I will need to edit my spending to ensure that I'm not wasting too much money. I will also need to edit how and where I invest money for optimal gains and sustainability.

Once I started thinking about editing, I realized that the sky truly is the limit. Even in my articles. I didn't need nearly as many words as I had initially thought for this article. Maybe I should go back and edit some of my older stuff. Nah...

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