Addition Through Subtraction

Today I had an experience that left me in a state of awe; it even brought a tear to my ever-dry eye. It really reinforced my priorities. Priority, really. It has also made me think about another chapter I read in Essentialism: Subtraction.

The premise of removing the blockers to execute the essential really speaks to me. If you've read any of my previous notes, you'll know that I am generally in an overwhelmed state, and rarely – if ever – relax. That is largely because there are too many obstacles (thoughts, jobs, worries, things) in my way.

I have just cleared up one job, roughly five hours per week. Really more like 20 hours, with all of the work that I was doing. Those 20 hours were getting the most effort out of me, too. Now I'm free and clear to leverage my time better. I still have one more engagement to close out, but that's okay; they still have dependencies to meet before I can move forward.

Now I need to start subtracting more; but maybe “replace” is the better word. I need to replace bad food with good; screen time with exercise; overtime with family time. Yes. That is the beginning; a great place to start.

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